Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Stone Brewing - one step closer to opening South Park Location

Despite the rumors circulating to the contrary, it looks like Stone Brewing is truly one step closer to opening up their pilot brewery/tasting room in my beloved South Park - joining the list of great craft beer spots in this small community (even more specifically on 30th St). I'm especially excited since I live 3 blocks from the new location. On some recent runs, I've spotted a couple new signs hanging in the brown papered window - that's right - Stone posted both a "Public Notice to Sell Alcoholic Beverages" sign and a job posting sign. Stone is accepting job applications for their South Park location! Here's to enjoying great Stone beer crafted in South Park!

1 comment:

  1. Hey Curtis, I think we're equally stoked on having Stone brews closer to home. Unfortunately, they're not going to have a pilot brewing system because that type of license in that area is tough to get. Oh well. Cheers!