Sunday, June 19, 2011

Rye IPA with Greg

Earlier this month, I brewed up batch #11 - a Rye IPA that contained wheat, sugar, and Amarillo & Nelson Savin finishing hops. I brewed this up with a friend (Greg) from church at his house, while our wives looked on. My wife jumped in during a critical moment during the cooling process that helped save the day! We enjoyed an Iron Fist IPA (9am isn't too early to drink is it?) and some home made wine that Greg has been working on for a couple years). We used a White Labs Cal Ale 001 compliments of Hess Brewing. Thank you Greg for all the great photos below!

This IPA had an original gravity of 1.076, final gravity of 1.02,  ABV at 7.3%.
Here are the ingredients that this batch contained:
Grain Bill (16lbs total)
69%  11 lbs   2 Row Barley      
9%    1.5 lbs  Rye       
4%    10 oz    Crystal 40       
4%    10 oz    CaraPils       
4%    10 oz    Honey Malt       
4%    10 oz    Wheat - American       
6%    1 lb       Cane Sugar       

1 oz  Chinook       60 minutes
1 oz  Centennial   30 minutes
1 oz  Cascade       15 minutes
1 oz  Whirlfloc     15 minutes
1 oz  Amarillo      5 minutes
1 oz  Nelson Savin Whirlpooled for 10 minutes
2 oz  Nelson Savin Dry hop for 14 days 

 The operation!

 Heating water

 Two burners!

Doughed in

The ladies enjoying their morning tea and beer

Boiling the wort



Your's truly

More boiling wort

The ladies

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