Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bottlecraft - Review of New Bottle Shop in Little Italy

Meet BOTTLECRAFT: Little Italy's newest bottle shop. Acting on the tip of a friend, I ventured into Bottlecraft a couple weeks ago after having dinner in the area to check the place out. I was impressed by the array of beer from both local, national and international breweries. I came back in last night to purchase a few bottles of a particular beer style I could get more acquainted with the style before participating in a homebrew competition as a judge. I met the owner (Bryan) who gave me so tips on what beers to get, and then talked with one of his employees (Kevin) who had more expertise in the particular style I was looking for. Both were very informative, and I walked away with some amazing examples of this particular beer style.

Bottlecraft has a couple of great things going for them: Large selection of quality craft beers, very reasonable prices, and the ability to purchase single 12oz and 22 oz bottles of beer. This was particularly appealing to me, since I was trying to get beers from a wide range of breweries that exemplified the style. Rather than having to purchase all 22 oz bombers or 6 packs, I was able to select 5 12 oz beers of my choosing.

Bottlecraft also has another great feature - beer tasting flights. If I recall correctly, they had two flights yesterday - one was San Diego breweries, the other was Oregon breweries. I didn't have time to stay and try out the flights, but I'll be back for the tasting flights and more bottles! (Bottlecraft is located on India St in Little Italy between Hawthorn and Ivy.)

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