Monday, July 18, 2011

Black IPA & Belgian Saison

This is how I usually start my brew day.
Filling up water jugs at the water station
near my house and trucking them back

We brewed up another 10 gallons this last weekend. In the fermenter now is our first Black IPA or "Cascadian Dark" and another Belgian Saison.

The Saison was the same recipe as the last one except this one, I added a tablespoon of coriander to start experimenting with adding ingredients to spice it up a bit. I also repitched directly onto the yeast bed of the previous saison. (White Labs WLP565 was used).

The black IPA used 2 row, Crystal 40 (the LHBS was out of Crystal 60), and Carafa II special dehusked grain as the darkening agent. I had intended to use Carafa III special dehusked, but again, the LHBS was out of it, which required that I change my recipe while at the store. Fortunately, I've been designing my recipes "in the cloud" on hopville, which allowed me to access it from iPhone and manipulate the recipe on the fly. I ended up using 1 1/4 lb of Carafa II instead of 1 lb of Carafa III. I repitched some harvested SafAle 05 from the IIPA I brewed a couple weeks prior.

The idea behind using the dehusked Carafa, is that it imparts less roasted flavors to the finished beer. A person should be able to close their eyes and drink a black IPA and not realize their drinking a dark beer.

1 Tbsp of uncrushed coriander seeds heading for the kettle.
Coriander seeds being added into the hop bag

Fermenter with yeast from previous Saison batch ready for racking chilled wort directly onto it.
Yeast bed in the fermenter!
SafAle 05 Yeast Harvested from IIPA pitched into Black IPA
(this photo is from when I first harvested the yeast, it was stored
in an actual yeast container for a week prior to using)

Beer babies - Saison and Black IPA
I didn't add a blow off tube to the black IPA and look what happened! Fortunately, I put a plastic pitcher upside down over it when I saw it getting close and contained it.

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