Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Black IPA - Dark Side of the Moon

I brewed up a second batch of Dark Side of the Moon - Black IPA on Sunday, which was as the title suggests, my 20th batch. Liz and I have hit 100 gallons brewed this year! This was the first time brewing in my now cleaned out garage and second time at my house. It was great brewing in full shade instead of constantly rotating an EZ Up in the backyard to follow the course of the Sun, and having easy access to the kitchen was great too. Soon I'll have a tankless water heater installed with a prefilter/diverter so I can have instant or near instant hot water! I hadn't brewed just a single batch in quite a while, having done double batches for quite some time now, and it was quite relaxing having just the one batch to focus on. It's bubbling (blowing off) quite nicely in the new fermenter now.

Grain Bill was pretty simple - 12 lbs 2-row, 1.25 lbs Carafa II Special, .75 lbs Crystal 60, 1 lb Sugar
1 oz Centennial at 60, 30 and 1 minute
1 oz Cascade at 10, 5 minutes (fresh home grown hops from Dominic)
Whirlfloc and Sugar added at 15 minutes.
White Labs Cal Ale 001 re-pitch from Hess.

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