Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hamiltons Tavern

I'm sitting in my favorite local bar in San Diego enjoying a couple of fine beers - Russian River Pliny the Elder and Green Flash Hamilton's 5th Anny I Plead the 5th Black IPA. Both excellent example of beer in their respective styles. I definitely miss living just 3 blocks away from this fantastic establishment, but every time I step into this place I instantly feel at home, like I never left. What's not to like about this place? Black painted walls, loads of craft beer signs, wood bar, distressed wood booths, a couple of pool tables, 30 taps, hundreds of tap handles hanging from the ceiling, awesome staff and great food! Whenever you find yourself with a free moment or in the South Park/Golden Hill/North Park area, be sure to check out the hottest beer bar in San Diego.

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