Monday, December 19, 2011

Arrogant Bastard Clone Recipe

Jon came down from San Fancisco this weekend to help me brew up an Arrogant Bastard clone. We only had a few mishaps along the way. I never changed out of my warm, comfy slippers (hey! it was cold out there!), but Jon purposely accidentally started spraying me with frigid water when cleaning out the mash tun. That's ok, I exacted my revenge when I sprayed his foot with boiling wort when starting to whirlpool. He cut himself on a hose clamp around the copper coil while vigorously stirring the ice during the chilling process, and while tightening up a hose clamp, I stabbed myself in the hand with a screw driver! Comedy of errors! 

This was my first attempt at any clone beer (I know, very arrogant of me to think I can replicate an Arrogant Bastard on my first attempt) and of course, I'm excited to see how well I did. We had to finish before a mutual friend's wedding that afternoon, so we were up at 5:45 and started heating water by 6am. San Diego has been having a bit of cold spell lately, so it was about 40 degrees when we started out in the garage. This made holding my mash temps difficult because my mash tun (cooler) was so cold it kept absorbing the heat. After adding a gallon of boiling water, then 2 more gallons of water at 190, I was able to stabilize the temp at about 156-157 and held it there for about 45 minutes for a total of an hour long mash.

Fortunately, my new "brew tap" on my tankless hot water heater helps shave some time off the heating process, which now takes longer when brewing up a 10 gallon batch. Of course, the Arrogant Bastard recipe is a closely guarded secret at Stone, which has developed its mystique over the years and makes it a fun project to try to clone. I'll post an update on this once the beer is finished and carbonated to let you all know if I cloned it.

Here is the recipe I came up with, based on listening to The Jamil Show Can You Brew It, research online, some advice, and my thoughts on the beer. I used Beer Smith 2.0 for the first time to design this recipe instead of Hopville.
90 Minute Boil, 20 Minute Whirlpool
OG: 1.072, FG 1.017 (in order to hit the 7.2% ABV)
IBU's 100
Mash 157
77%, 22.5 lbs American 2-row
7.7%, 2 1/4 lbs Special B
5.1%, 1.5 lbs Munich
5.1%, 1.5 lbs CaraMunich
5.1%, 1.5 lbs Aromatic
5.5 oz Chinook for 60 minutes boil
4 oz Chinook for 20 minutes of whirlpool
Yeast: WLP007 Dry English Ale
Whirlfloc (2 tablets) at 15 minutes
Water Profile: Balanced at 1:1 ratio Chloride:Sulfate (which required 6 grams of Calcium Chloride in the Mash and 7 grams in the kettle to adjust my water.)

I chose Special B over Crystal 150, mainly due the Jamil show's research on the matter and popular opinion online. Perhaps next time I will try using C-150 to see if it makes a difference. The Special B adds the dark, ruby color and caramelized flavors. The C-60 adds a mid level caramel flavor to help round out the caramel flavors and the 90 minute boil helps with the caramelizing as well. The Munich and Aromatic help out with body and malty mouthfeel.

My initial taste after brewing this, it seemed a bit too bitter, so I'll probably dial down the IBU's next time. The WLP007 English ale yeast may help soften that bitter bite though, so we'll see what happens before I make any changes.
Jon hard at work!
the brewery

mmm! beer!
Yep - that's four carboys in there! 10 gallons of
Dark Side of the Moon Black IPA in the back (dry-hopping)
and 10 gallons of Arrogant Bastard clone.

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