Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Yeast Flavors and Affects on the Brewing Process at Bottlecraft

Last night I attended a class presented by White Labs hosted at Bottlecraft in Little Italy (see my review of Bottlecraft here). The presenter was Troels Prahls, Yeast Applications Scientist who stepped in to cover for sick co-worker. The material presented was very informative and covered both basic topics as well as advanced topics related to brewing. We tasted six beers, some of which had similar recipes, but different yeasts, showing how selecting a different yeast strain alone can produce a vastly different beer. We also discussed fermentation temperatures, yeast harvesting, storage and re-pitching.

The presentation was excellent and the venue at Bottlecraft was terrific. I got to Bottlecraft a bit early, so I perused their wide selection of beers for awhile, then purchased a couple of fine beers after the session. I also ran into fellow I know through Hess Brewing, which made the class a bit more fun! Many thanks to Bottlecraft and White Labs for putting this event on!

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