Saturday, March 3, 2012

2012 Stone March Madness Homebrew Competition/AHA Rally

We're just one week away from the Stone AHA Rally on March 10th, 2012 and I hope to see you there! I'll have my Pirate's Breakfast Imperial Oatmeal Stout entered. Apparently there are over 400 people registered to attend so far, so if you're planning on going, make sure to RSVP so you don't get turned away at the door. Here is the link: Stone AHA Rally. UPDATE 3/5/12: The registration window is already closed - hopefully you're already on the list! There are so many people in attendance now, that instead of the 24 bottles required for entry, we're now being asked to bring as many bottles as we can. I'm dropping another 12 pack off today which almost clears me out of this batch of Pirate's Breakfast.

Since it's an AHA Rally, you do need to be an AHA member in order to get in. You can become an AHA member at the door (which is what we did last year) or you can join online at the AHA website. Once you're in you get to taste 40 amazing homebrews and vote on the best beer. The top four or five beers with the most votes will then go to a Stone tasting panel and a winner will be selected. The homebrewer then gets to brew that beer with Stone on their system and the beer gets distributed out everywhere Stone is available!


  1. Me and my BIG IPL will be in attendance as well. We need to figure a time and place to meet up.

    I can't wait to try your Pirate's Breakfast.

    Cheers and good luck


  2. Sounds good, we'll figure out a time. I'm planning on getting there 1-2 hours early to try to beat some of the crowds.

  3. I'll be there at 11 to set up my keg

  4. Sounds good, I'm sure we can track each other down.