Friday, June 15, 2012


I recently completed building a 4-tap kegerator by converting a refrigerator. I actually started out with a very old stand up freezer. Long story on how I ended up with this, but after I bought it, I found out the cooling coils were run through the shelving, not internally. I attempted to salvage the freezer by cutting the shelving and slamming them against the back wall. I was almost done when I broke the thin cooling line and all the refrigerant came out.

I found another "normal" refrigerator on craigslist and set to work on it. Ironically, the guy I bought it from was one of my temp laborers on a construction project several years ago. I purchased a 4 keg system from Adventures in Homebrewing. The guys over there were great - they actually didn't have a 4-keg system available but put the whole package together for me and matched a competitors price.

The fridge is quite easy to convert. I had to build a sturdy wood shelf to ramp over the motor housing, which I made out of 2x4's and baltic birch plywood and then painted it white. I then laid out and drilled 1" holes for the faucet shafts (requires a 1" metal hole saw), added across the holes for support, and installed the shafts and hooked up the kegs/lines.

Kegging is so much easier than bottling, except that there is more cleaning involved. I'm in the process of converting a sump pump into to keg/carboy washer to make the cleaning process a snap.

Completed kegerator: All I need now is some custom tap handles!

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