Sunday, July 29, 2012

Assistant Brewer Completes another Double Brew Day

My assistant brewer (my wife Liz) completed another brew day by herself, while I was recovering from a wicked case of food poisoning the day before. I would stumble out occasionally to get in the way and cause trouble help her and then head back in to the house to recover for an hour. She finished in 8 hours - which even included measuring out all the malt, milling and cleaning up by herself. Pretty impressive! We She brewed up our 40th and 41st batches of beer, with a Black IPA (5th version) and Belgian IPA (2nd version). She tossed the dark malt (Carafa II dehusked) to darken the IPA into a black IPA into the mash at the end with about 20 minutes left to try to get the dark color with less of the roast character. We'll see how it turns out!


  1. If all you're looking for is color, why not just try Sinamar to blacken it up?

  2. Hmm, seems like cheating :=) it complies with Reinhesgebot though, I may check it out.