Monday, July 23, 2012

Russian River Consecration Tasting Flight

This last Saturday (July 21), Toronado San Diego held a Russian River Consecration 10 flight tasting session. For $30, we got (10) 3oz pours of 10 different batches of Consecration, starting with Batch 0 which from my understanding wasn't an official public release beer originally. Toronado held back 1 of each set of kegs of Consecration they received over the past few years and Russian River let them know that the original 2008 era batches may be reaching their peak and could start to decline soon, so they released them all to the public. This was an incredible tasting flight to experience! We nursed these for a long time and took about 2 hours to go through the different beers. It was fascinating to compare so many different batches side by side and see how well Consecration improved with age. If you have your hands on some newer batches, I'd recommend laying them down for a couple years. You'll experience a sour beer that has a full rich dark fruity character as compared to the newer that have a more biting sourness and a lighter almost strawberry characteristic.

Toronado San Diego
The Consecration tasting flight!

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