Monday, August 20, 2012

Four Peaks Brewing Co

Tasting flight of 8 (plus a bonus seasonal)
Four Peaks Brewing Company was the first of 13 breweries and brewpubs I visited during my Beercation and these guys are definitely worth checking out! We visited here after my wife finished her exams for a much needed refreshment - her for the test and me for the 120 degree heat! The food here was quite tasty - I had the Italian beef wrap, which was really a french dip sandwhich in thick wrap (made with beer) that was delicious, but certainly not Italian. My favorite beers were the Hop Knot IPA and Kilt Lifter (oddly - the same name as Moylan's Scottish style ale). The Arizona Peach was actually quite tasty as well. It had distinct apricot arom and flavor (which could easily be peach as well). I am not generally a fan of fruit flavored beers but this one was very interesting and brewed particularly well. The oatmeal stout was tasty - exceptionally smooth because it was served on nitro.

Italian beef wrap (minus the one I ate)
I was able to get a brewery tour by one of the very friendly brewers (actually two tours- since he gave me tour alone when I struck up a conversation with him on my way back from the restroom, then a second tour with my wife and two friends who wanted a tour as well of course - and he was gracious enough to give us another tour! The brew house is 40 bbls (Newland System) and they are in the process of expanding to a second 60 bbl system. Arizona law only allows for 40,000 bbls of production at one facility, so they will be keeping there current system online once the 60 bbl system is in place. The 240 bbl fermenter in the back was quite impressive - it takes 4 brews to fill this fermenter! Their serving tanks are the old grundy style tanks (which are very difficult to find these days). The owner had a source for them when they first opened up and reconditioned them and sold them to other breweries to help fund the start up of this brewery. Next time your in Phoenix, be sure to visit Four Peaks Brewing Co!

Mash Tun/Boil Kettle


Same fermentors - different angle)

Bottling line

Canning Line

Canning Line (with Kilt Lifter loaded)

More fermentors (or brite tanks)

I believe these are brite tanks

Bar cold room - lots of grundy tanks!

Your's truly and my wife - (holding the can she was given off the canning line)

And yes - it was 120 degrees outside, so who knows how hot inside the car,
so they only way to hold the steering wheel was to wear my wife's gloves.

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