Thursday, August 9, 2012

Wet Hop Extravaganza!

Mike over at Hess Brewing gave me a bag of Cascade wet hops on Tuesday that were picked on Monday at a new hop farm called The Hoppery. The Alpha acid content on these are a whopping 10%, which is way up from the normal 5-7% I normally see. I received them right before I went on my 12 day road trip that I'm currently on, so unfortunately I wasn't able to brew with the 6 lbs of hops. I took Mike's advice on how to dry them out, by spreading them across a table and blowing air across it with a fan. With the warm weather we are having in San Diego, these should dry out nicely - especially if the humidity will go away. I see a hoppy Cascadian hopped IPA in my brewing future!

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