Here are some valuable resources that I've run across that will help you in your homebrewing efforts:

Blogs: Here are the top blogs I follow that provide great information on beer and local events!
San Diego Beer Blog
Bites 'n Brews

PodCasts - the best homebrewing podcasts that I've found.
Basic Brewing Radio
Beer Smith
Brew Strong

Home Brew Stores:
Home Brews & Gardens - a good local home brewing store - has decent prices, friendly service, and most of the common grains/hops you'll need - unless they've run out which happens a lot.
Home Brew Mart - another good home brewing store with an online web site so you can compare their prices to other stores. They have a large selection of extracts, grains, and equipment (although their equipment is pricey). The best aspect of this store is the amazing mill they have! It'll grind through 20lbs of grain in about a minute or two!
Lautering & Batch Sparging:
Cheap 'n' Easy Batch Sparge Brewing - This is a great resource for building an inexpensive mash tun and instructions on how to batch sparge.
Determining Pre-Boil Gravity - A discussion board post that has very detailed information on how to calculate and adjust for pre-boil gravity in your wort.